Septic Expert’s work was done well and quickly despite a few underground surprises. If you have a unique situation and need some honest, expert advice, I recommend highly recommend these guys.

Mike Pearson, Agassiz, BC.

Save Money by Maintaining Your Septic System!

We maintain all kinds of systems, from Conventional Trenches, to At-Grade and Sand Mound systems, Aerobic Treatment Units, Peat Biofilter units, and many other technologies.

Our Maintenance Services

A typical visit will provide the following services:

  • Perform an effluent quality inspection including a visual and odour examination over all components of your system, not just one component. You need to know that your entire system is functioning properly, not just one component.

  • Remove and clean effluent filter. It’s a great little device that every system should have. This septic tank filter prevents solids from plugging up the drain field, but they do need to be cleaned regularly to prevent backups in the home.

  • Clean or replace air filters in the lift station or compressor. Filters in the air compressors should be replaced at least once a year.

  • Test run sewage pumps and floats and perfom a load test on all pumps. This allows you to monitor the life expectancy of the pump and budget for replacement, thus avoiding expensive surprises, backups or alarms.

  • Determine if the tanks of other components require pumping. This check can be a real money saver. If you leave pumping too late, you risk damage to your drain field – an expensive mistake. Pumping too often means paying to have water needlessly removed from your tanks. We have the equipment to determine exactly what stage your tanks are at, and whether pumping is required. We are not affiliated with a pumping company.

  • Visual inspection of the drain field or pressure bed. We check for ponding and other indicators of trouble. Pressurized systems require the laterals to be flushed at least every two years. Sludge from the tanks and bacterial action will eventually plug the small orifices in the pipes.

  • Check alarm and panel function, and read history from data logger if equipped. This tells us whether there have been any trouble events since our last visit. It is surprising how many alarm controls have been switched to “silent” when we arrive. In some cases an aerobic pump will have been out of service for months, often simply due to a tripped breaker of other simple thing, which completely negates the process of installing state-of-the-art onsite waste disposal system.