Septic Expert has helped us with several projects and has always provided a very professional, service. They are experienced and knowledgeable and we always know the job will be done correctly and thoroughly

Holger Schwitchenberg,
Holberg Farms Agassiz B.C.

Septic System Installation

Once the septic system is planned and a filing has been made, the next step is for Septic Expert to install the system.

We have been installing On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems for over 12 years, and we have the experience necessary to professionally install your new septic system.

Leave the hassle to us! We know the challenges and common mistakes, if you want it done right than you need it done professionally.

Septic Expert is experienced in installing the following types of systems. Please click a thumbnail below to see a step-by-step photo gallery of what’s involved for each type of system installation.


Sand Mound System Installation

Conventional Gravity System Installation

After completion, the system installation is documented and commissioned. Commissioning a system essentially involves completing any necessary adjustments, turning on pumps and programming the control panel to ensure the system is operating properly as planned. Once commissioning is completed, a “Letter of Certification” is filed with the Health Authority and Septic Expert provides the owner with a custom maintenance plan for their septic system.