We have worked with Septic Expert since 2005 and have found their work to be of the highest standards. They are professional, reputable and stand behind their work. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

Rob Arden, P.Eng., P.E.

Site Inspection

Before designing a new septic system it is critically important to start with a site inspection. Every property is different, and it saves time and money if you understand all of the variables before proceeding.

We conduct assessments of soil, site conditions and possible environmental impacts. We will identify any setback issues such as distances to creeks, wells, property lines and the home itself.

Test pits are then excavated to expose the types of soil present in the proposed field area. Observing the soil profiles gives us a picture of the depth of ground water and impervious layers, and the various soil layers that will all conduct the effluent at different rates. Our assessment of the soil profiles will help us determine what type of system is required for the site, whether a simple trench system, or perhaps an elevated field such as a sand mound.

Following the test pitting, we conduct one or more types of hydraulic conductivity tests, which give us hard data on how much effluent per minute the soil will accept. These numbers will form the basis for determining how large the drain field must be.

Septic System Design

After we know what we are dealing with, we are able to begin the design phase of the system. We use a Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD) program that gives us the ability to merge our site plans with that of landscape architects and other contractors if needed.

Following design work, Septic Expert files a copy of the design, along with a “Record of Sewerage System” with the Health Authority. The record contains information on site and soil data, design rational, as well as system type and components. The Health Department will review and approve the filing. In the case of new construction, an approved copy of the form must be received by the local building department before a house building permit will be issued.