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Pre-Sale Septic Inspection Can Save You Time And Money

Posted on: June 13th, 2016 by James
Valley Home Sellers Heed Septic Staging

Pre-sale septic inspections are an important part of the selling process. Home sellers want to make the most from this market boom, and so they should. An important step in selling your home which often goes overlooked is to inspect the septic system.  Without having completed this, you can end up with extended terms that slow the entire sale process down by several weeks or months, at which time your home value may not be as great as it is currently.

What’s more, septic inspection will save you time and money during the sale process which means the attention of your first – or highest bidding – interested buyer.  A pre-purchase septic inspection is key for your home sale for several reasons, including:

1)  Cost Efficiency
When you hire a consultant we can produce the paperwork to show that you have done everything to prevent major complications from happening down the road.  What’s more, if there are minor maintenance issues we can tackle them right away to ensure that you cannot be dinged with hefty septic fees for something that is not wrong with your system.

2)  Prevention
What’s more, catch it in time to put a term on the sale so that you don’t have to cover this cost now or in the future.  Often times, land division permission can come down to a septic issue – either requiring an additional septic system, an inspection or fix of major complications.  This process has been known to put home purchases on hold for more than a year! 

A consultation by Septic Experts can report that the system has no foreseeable issues, minor foreseeable maintenance issues or major foreseeable issues which could result in hefty bills.  By knowing that you have covered all of the risks associated with the septic system you can forgo some timely terms with your buyers and ensure that you don’t have to cover additional, and unnecessary, costs.

Even if the market is doing really great and you have many interested buyers you’ll be at ease to know that you have prevented all risks that they could potentially try to include in the sale terms.  

Septic Expert provides the best service and quality in our industry when it comes to jobs that require consultation and it makes us happy to give you added peace of mind when purchasing a new home.  

Just another step in guaranteeing that your home sale goes as planned without unexpected challenges.  

Septic System Inspections

Posted on: November 22nd, 2014 by James

Why have a pre-purchase septic system inspection done?

Septic system inspections are something we are asked to perform regularly now, which is quite a change from only a couple of years ago. Our thoughts about this are pretty simple: If you are going to pay half a million dollars or perhaps much more for a house, you should be able to expect the toilets to flush reliably.  One in four homes in B.C. uses a septic system, or on site waste disposal system as opposed to a connection to a municipal sewer system. A septic system can be an inexpensive and reliable method of dealing with waste water, but they must be looked after and repaired or replaced as required to ensure they can continue to do the job they were designed for. A home inspector or a septic tank pumping contractor is not usually qualified to do this type of inspection. It is a very specialized task that requires a comprehensive knowledge of septic system installation practices, water movement in soil, regulatory requirements, as well as thousands of dollars worth of specialized equipment.

As the Fraser Valley and lower mainland become increasingly more densely populated, more and more attention is paid to on site waste disposal, and the need to ensure that new and existing systems are installed and constructed in accordance with regulations aimed at protecting public health. A system that cost a few thousand dollars to install 30 years ago may now need to be replaced with one costing literally ten times as much today. Understandably, banks are increasingly concerned that a home sold today may require the new homeowner looking for 20 to 30 thousand dollars to replace a failing septic system soon after moving in.

If you are in the market for a new rural home, be sure to discuss the need for a septic system inspection with your Realtor who will make it a subject of any offer to purchase. If the system receives a clean bill of health, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your plumbing will work correctly, and if deficiencies are found then they can be dealt with prior to your family moving into the home, and the cost of the repairs may be negotiated into the price you pay for the home.