Our main service area covers:

  • The Fraser Valley - Surrey, Langley, Maple Ridge, Mission, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Agassiz, Hope and the Fraser Canyon
  • Sea-to-Sky Corridor - Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton
Septic expert service area

Company Profile

In 2005, when the regulations governing onsite waste disposal changed in BC, Septic Expert looked to the future, and owner Martin Sparkes, became one of the first Registered On-site Wastewater Practitioners (ROWP) in the province under the new Sewerage System Regulations (SSR).

Septic Expert provides septic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We offer design, installation, inspection and maintenance services.


Our single price strategy ensures your peace of mind once you entrust Septic Expert with your project. Surprisingly, some contractors omit one or more of the following in their scope of work, which can result in a misleading quote.

  • All electrical work is included. No need to hire an electrical contractor after we leave.*
  • Engineering and design work is included. No $3500.00 surprises after we leave.
  • Excavation is included. No low bed fees, no invoices for site work, no bills for labourers and dump trucks.
  • Engineers inspections are included. No bills after the fact for follow up inspections and reviews.
  • RV clean outs are included. No bills for an extra port to empty your RV.**
  • All materials cleaned up and excess removed from site. You will not need to hire another contractor to dispose of unused drainrock and spoil piles.
  • First scheduled maintenance visit is free
  • No bills for damage and miscalculations. We are not perfect but if we will pay for our own mistakes.
* In new construction we require the electrical circuits be provided to the outside wall of the house nearest the control panel and pump chamber. For repairs and replacement systems all electrical is included.
** Maximum length of a free sani dump sewer line connection is 30 feet. Any longer lengths or lines that must be run underneath driveways or other obstacles and must be discussed prior to quote being provided.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is simple and applies to any residential sand mound and/or Type Two or Three treatment system with a time dosing control panel that Septic Expert has designed and installed.

  • If the system fails to treat or dispose of effluent, we will repair or replace as needed free of charge to you. This guarantee applies to any system that is maintained by us according to our schedule, for as long as you own your home.
  • In addition, we will honor manufacturers warrantees on any off the shelf components such as pumps, control panels, and tanks. Any such item that requires repair or replacement will be subject to our usual rates for labour after the first 6 months.
  • If any problem should arise that is the result of our workmanship, we will fix it free of charge.

A new On Site Waste disposal system is a large investment and Septic Expert wants you to to know that the job we do will be worth every penny.

Mission Statement

To design and install lifetime solutions for on-site waste disposal, thereby protecting public health and the environment and providing each customer with a solution that fits their unique situation.